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Special Event Rental and dance floor

Many equipment rental companies are now considering expanding into party and special event rental categories. For a successful transition, there are a few key products to add to your new party rental catalog. SnapLock Industries, as a regular supplier to members of the American Rental Industry, True Value, Hotels, and Event Centers, have found a few items that are a must for a successful party rental.

Renting Chairs

This is a no-brainer rental product as virtually every special event or party will need chairs. Chairs are easy to rent out and maintain and come in lots of different styles and colors. The more neutral of a chair color and style you choose, the more versatility it offers to potential clients. Choose durable chairs to prevent needing regular replacements.

Renting Tables

If you are renting chairs, then odds are you will receive requests for tables. Wood tables are most popular as they are very durable and can easily be covered for the various party themes. It is recommended you start with 8′ rectangle tables and 72″ rounds – these correlate easily with linens. Choose tables designed for high wear and with collapsible legs for easy storage.

Renting Portable Dance Floors

Another very popular party rental product and often the center of the event. Here you want something engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, again adding versatility to potential clients. You will want a floor that requires no tools or specialized labor to ensure that any group can assemble and disassemble without issue. The old style wood panels are becoming a thing of the past due to how heavy they are, high storage space requirements, and the need for tools and specialized labor to deploy and remove. Additionally, real wood floors may dent, warp due to moisture, and could eventually need to be refinished to keep them looking new.

Portable Dance Floors (like a SnapLock Dance Floor) require no tools to set up or remove, can be easily converted to any 1′ size increment for small storage, and are engineered for all weather. The high-performance wear layer of the SnapLock Floors is resistant to moisture and will never need to be refinished. If damaged, you can replace a single module rather than a full panel. Far less expensive, a SnapLock Dance Floor ensures a great ROI – most clients have paid for their dance floor in just three rentals!

Renting Linens

If you are renting tables, then certainly you will have requests for linens. The key here is to buy commercial grade linens. Go with solid colors over busy patterns so you will have a broader appeal to a bigger potential client base. Neutral colors are a must, in various sizes and shapes that make sense with your table offerings.

Renting Tents

Once you establish your new party rental division, you will want to start offering special event tents. These commercial rental tents come in all sorts of sizes. We recommend starting off smaller and then start adding once you become familiar – a 20 x 20 tent is a good start. For liability reasons, we also recommend you have your staff install the tent rather than relying on the client for setup.

These five items are a great start to a special event or party rental catalog because they are basically necessities. It’s rare to go to a wedding, birthday party, or Bar Mitzvah that does not have tables, chairs, linens and a dance floor for guests to get their groove on. From here, you can fine tune your catalog and begin adding other party rental items such as plates, silverware, lights, and more!