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What is Portable Modular Dance Flooring and Why Is It a Rental Industry Go To?

One of the most popular inventory items for the special event rental industry is portable dance and event flooring. They need to have a portable floor system that is easy to install, very durable for repeated deployments, and an item that sees a fast ROI. Interlocking modular floors are the ideal solution

What is a portable modular flooring system?

Modular floors were first invented nearly 40 years ago. Available in different sizes and finishes, these systems require no tools for setup or removal, no special skills to install, are lightweight, weatherproof and are very affordable.

Key features that make temporary special event modular flooring the go to floor system for the event rental industry:

  • Extremely durable for years of repeated use
  • The average return on investment (R.O.I.) is in 4 rentals
  • Lightweight – just 18 lbs for a 3×3 panel, making it an easy 1-person installation.
  • Compact storage
  • Engineered for indoor and outdoor events
  • Easy to clean surface that never needs resurfacing
  • Modular design allows for easy variations for all events
  • Of course, being made in the USA with numerous patented technologies is a bonus

If you are thinking of entering the the party rental industry or want to upgrade from your current old style wood dance floors, we suggest you consider a USA made modular dance floor.


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