SnapLock Dance Floors

Portable dance floors for events

A tent event with FastDeck event flooring and a dance floor
Photo: Hauser Hill Event Center

Portable Tent & Event Flooring


Whether your event is on grass, sand, or any other solid sub surface, SnapLock has the right portable event flooring system for you. Our patented all-weather portable floors require no tools or skill for installation and removal. Installation is a Snap!™

Commercial exhibits are high-traffic, demanding environments where appearances and ease of portability really matter. SnapLock portable event flooring is designed with this in mind. Not only will you find installation and removal to be a snap but all our portable flooring is low maintenance and easily portable. Choose from multiple color options and designs to quickly customize your exhibit space whether it be indoor or outdoor and have it back to basics in no time.


  • Commercial grade flooring – Built for the tough demands of the portable rental flooring industry
  • Completely modular – No tools needed for installation or removal
  • 12 Styles – Keep your clients happy with flooring that fits their taste
  • All weather – Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • No maintenance – Easy to clean surface
  • PowerLock™ Interlocking System – No tools or screws
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. – Danced on worldwide

Tent & Event Portable Flooring Styles

Ballroom dancing expo on slate black dance floor
Slate Black
A slate white dance floor in at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica
Slate White
Couples first dance on Luxury Black Marble
Luxury Black Marble
Chamber music on a Slate White dance floor at a tent event
Luxury White Marble
Line dancing on Oak dance floor
Western swing on a portable teak dance floor
A maple dace floor at a reception hall
Dark Maple event floor at a tent event
Dark Maple
Smoked Oak event floor at a resort
Smoked Oak
Couple dance on an ivory dance floor.
White Oak
A party dancing on a ebony dance floor
Black Oak
Snap-carpet at an automotive event
Base Floor at a catered event
Base Floor
flooring edges
Finished Edges





Installation of FastDeck event flooring


Perfect for stadium turf protection, event and tent flooring, portable walkways, ice arena floor covering, military shelter flooring, portable vehicle access paths, or any other situation requiring a layer of protection between the ground and user. FastDeck Portable Flooring is designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by the highest-rated customer service in the industry.

FastDeck is an extremely durable portable flooring system that is remarkably fast and easy to deploy and remove, no training is required. FastDeck simply snaps together with no need for tools or expertise of any kind—and removal is just as easy. The multi-patented FastDeck design makes cleaning painless, just hose off the slip-resistant surface and you’re ready for the next event.

We had our floor under a tent and on muddy ground, all we did to remove the muck was hose it off!…Our old floor was heavy and bulky and easily damaged by accidental drop to the shop floor…Snap Lock in contrast is lightweight and easy to handle, our installation time has decreased dramatically.